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Regulate.Tech Podcast Update – 7th March 2021

I have been recording a podcast with Nicklas Berild Lundblad since the start of this year and we have produced 7 episodes covering topics like platform responsibility, misinformation, splinternets, and privacy.

For our most recent episode, we thought it might be helpful to do something different and talk through our backgrounds and professional experience to give more context to our conversations about tech policy.

The episodes are hosted on Podbean at

You can also find them on Spotify by searching for ‘Regulate Tech’ and here’s the direct link to Episode 8 – Who Are These People Anyway.

[NB please give the odd hint of ‘grumpy old men’ conversation as I get confused over where my old offices were, muddle up some dates, and show that I have forgotten what a ‘baud rate’ is when talking about modems!]

We plan to keep recording conversations on tech policy issues each week – some of these will be complementary to posts I write here, and some will cover other areas altogether – and I will list them on the Podcast page.

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