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I am numbering each post on the core regulatory model sequentially so if you want to get the full narrative then you should start with post 1 at the bottom of the blog and move up through them.

I also post on topical issues from time to time. The titles of these one-off posts will start with a date rather than having numbers upfront.

I am publishing these posts when they are in what I would call an “advanced draft” stage and then updating them as I or others spot things that need amending.

I have included a ‘last updated’ datestamp at the top of each post so you can see when the version you are reading was last edited (if there’s no last updated line then you are reading version 1).

This is not full version control as some people might like but this publish-and-update approach means I can get stuff out more quickly.

I expect to lock everything down with final versions towards the end of 2020 but actively want to keep updating until then.

The narrative flow I am aiming for is roughly to work up the stack of internet-related things that could be regulated from the baseline infrastructure through to the complex services that use this infrastructure.

I may jump around a little as I am moved to write on things that are highly topical or where I have something in my head I really need to get out.

I will keep the post numbers and titles on this blog as they are reflecting the order of posting here but may reorder things if I create a final consolidated publication.

I will not change any permalinks so that you can easily refer back to any posts you save as bookmarks in your browser.

I am trying to write in a plain language style but have indulged myself in some of the post titles allude to cultural content that means something to me.

Hope this is all clear – please use the contact form if anything is not.

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